Setup New company & Secretary Service

This is a service aimed at clients who are planning to expand to Hong Kong as well as clients already present in Hong Kong who are trying to optimize the costs of their Hong Kong offices. Office spaces in Hong Kong command some of the most expensive rent prices in the world.
Due to surplus capital from the Chinese mainland as well as surplus capital resulting from international monetary easing policies, there is an increasing influx of capital into general real estate as well as into stores, offices, residences and even parking lots.
Our company registers offices, handles all the necessary procedures, draws up the trade documents, carries out the payment procedures, takes care of all the government-related documents and also performs miscellaneous odd jobs on behalf of clients, allowing us to function as office managers who help clients who are newly expanding to Hong Kong as well those who are already on the ground keep the costs of their businesses to a minimum.

Virtual Office Achievements
An apparel company: We helped them establish a Hong Kong corporation and we currently perform the general management for that corporation (trade documents, payment procedures, financial reporting assistance and accounting).
An electrical appliance company: We set up a Hong Kong corporation for them and offer management support for their Hong Kong activities.
An optical device manufacturer: We manage their Hong Kong corporation and act as their agent for payments.
Others:Management of Hong Kong offices for electronics, industrial rubber and household goods companies.