The FEHD Hong Kong has set up very strict regulations on the storage and safety of food, and strongly recommends that food suppliers store their commodities in the warehouses specified by the FEHD to ensure safety. The cold store operated by the Company is one of the few licensed cold stores in Hong Kong that meet the statutory requirements thereof.
In addition to our superior management and safe, sanitary environment, we also provide an inventory management system for the cold store. Customers are able to access real-time inventory information and grasp the relevant turnover in a timely manner.
Our Service
  • Cold warehouse Service
  • Cold Delivery
  • WMS ( Warehouse system ) Manage the inventory by part number ,items or expiry date, etc
  • Picking and Repacking Service
  • Others Value-added Service
Facility of our cold warehouse
Standard food testing room


Convenience Location
In order to provide high-quality cold chain logistics services,our warehouse obtained ISO22000 (food safety management )certificate .Our philosophy is keep food safety and maintain food hygiene and provide quality services and experience to our customers.
The cold store license issued by the FEHD Hong Kong and obtained ISO 22000