The Company also provides constant-temperature warehouses, mainly for storing a variety of electronic products. To ensure the effectiveness and accuracy in inventory management, barcodes are attached to all goods in the warehouses.

Once the goods are stored in the warehouses, customers are allowed to access the Company’s warehouse management systems at all times, using the exclusive customer ID and password. In other words, customers are able to check their actual inventory status whenever and wherever they wish to do so.

Consultant service

With respect to the logistics services you are receiving now, do you feel the service charge is reasonable?

The Company provides professional analysis and opinions to its customers based on their actual business situation, helping them find out whether or not the logistics services they receive are adequate.

For many of our customers, the complicated terminologies and calculation formulas for logistics services are real headaches. From time to time, they feel confused when the figures on the logistics invoices are different from those quoted. MEISEI Hong Kong Limited is equipped with professional knowledge as well as fifteen years of experience in logistics. The Company, therefore, is competent in providing logistics solutions and improvement recommendations for its customers, to streamline their logistics flow and strengthen their competitiveness.

Logistics consulting service case
The Example of a Japanese-Invested Trading Company
It was found by the trading company’s resident general manager from Japan that the local warehousing expenses never changed, irrespective of the increase or decrease in the monthly sales amount. He further discovered that the responsible employees of the company have not made suitable efforts to control the warehousing expenses. The trading company, therefore, had been charged a lot of unreasonable and unnecessary service charges by the warehouse. After a thorough investigation, we proposed some modifications to the existing logistics procedures as well as a highly-transparent expense structure. This has led to annual savings in warehouse charges of nearly 15 million Japanese Yen.
The Example of a Japanese-invested Manufacturing Factory
Through the logistics consulting services of the Company, the factory received a comprehensive examination of its existing logistics expenses. The results of our analysis showed that significant improvements were required with regard to the logistics arrangement and expenses of a container transportation item from China to Japan. The cause of the problem, as we identified, was that the customer had not made any adjustment in shipment cycles or schedule based on the quantity of goods, nor had the existing logistics company provided any suitable recommendations. MEISEI Hong Kong Limited, therefore, proposed an improvement plan for the shipment arrangements and offered a reasonable price for the transportation services. This, in a year’s time, brought savings of approximately 7 million Japanese Yen based on the costs.